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Qblox Sustainability Statement

As a key stakeholder in the value chain of quantum technologies, Qblox is committed to facilitating an eco-friendly future and a livable environment with equal opportunities for everyone. We acknowledge the fact that reaching this goal should be founded by sustainable principles, starting from today, and considering every action in our daily operations.

Whether a company or an individual, we all are responsible for our social and environmental impact, and it is thus a mindful act to be aware, accept and take necessary steps to protect nature and serve for the well-being of the global community. It is Qblox’s mindset to minimize environmental pollution and reduce the carbon footprint in its manufacturing processes, business operations and in employee’s actions.

In order to make Qblox products and their impact contribute positively:

  • Qblox’s products integrate many functionalities into one single device that would otherwise require dozens of other products for the same purpose. This combined solution consumes less material for its production as well as less energy consumption for its operation and shipment. Thus, by its nature, Qblox technology brings orders of magnitude advantage in its footprint compared to conventional methods.

  • In the broader context, quantum technologies are expected to enable certain industrial productions and operations to be performed in a greatly efficient manner with much less energy consumption and waste production.

In order to make Qblox operations as environmentally responsible as possible, Qblox:

  • is aware of the water and electricity usage in its processes and aims to reduce consumption wherever possible;

  • aims to reduce the use of plastic and paper, produce less waste and prefer recycled materials for products and packaging;

  • avoids unnecessary use of air conditioning and heating in the office space;

  • prefers virtual conferences and events to travel less by plane;

  • runs an essentially paperless office;

  • supports remote working to reduce energy consumption in commuting and use of office space;

It is to be realized that molding our manufacturing processes with sustainable principles is not a momentary act but a consistent effort that develops together with our technology roadmap, dedicated to grow a successful business and deliver a promising technology.

At Qblox, guarding and facilitating these environmental responsibilities are taken on an executive level, where the CTO and the CEO oversee the impact of our business operations. We hope that such meaningful acts for preserving a livable environment are shared between all other parties in the value chain we are in, and an eco-friendly future becomes a true reality on a global scale.