Control instruments + control software.



The Cluster is the world’s leading modular quantum control stack. The scalable and modular architecture ensures that the system is future-proof, and well-aligned with the development roadmaps of industrial labs and the growing demands of quantum experiments.

As a crucial element in a quantum computing setup, it enables scientists and engineers to do their experiments at the highest possible level today and allows them to scale up to the NISQ era with ease, no matter the qubit technology.



The SPI rack is a stable, scalable system for the S4g DC and the D5a DC voltage source modules, internationally known as the standard for ultra-silent DC sources. Minimize ground loops and interference with galvanically isolated control interface and gyrator-filtered isolated power supply. 

The SPI modules are connected via the chassis to the integrated backplane, providing power, digital communication, and analog signals to each module. These multipurpose and fully analog signal sources are ideal for various quantum experiments.



Quantify is an open-source, Python-based, high-level data acquisition framework for quantum-computing and solid-state physics experiments. It is built on top of QCoDeS for handling various instruments.

Quantify-core enables users to quickly set up experiments while taking care of practical aspects such as data storage, live plotting of experiments, monitoring the state of instruments, and data analysis.

Quantify-scheduler provides a unique hybrid gate-pulse control model with explicit timing control, allowing users to easily express complex quantum experiments.


Hear From Our Clients.

Our ambition is two-fold, to both provide reliable quantum gate-based systems to customers and to unlock the potential of coherent quantum annealing. For that we need a partner that can support us on this demanding path to elevate our developments. Qblox enables us with a future-proof solution to address the growing needs of the full-stack quantum computing market. Their modular architecture allows us to reconfigure setups seamlessly between various projects, without losing synchronization and stability. Reliable electronics and high precision signals saves us time to focus our effort to perfect our own developments. We are impressed by their constant support that makes us feel like they work next door to our lab and has many times helped our team solving the many challenges we face at integrating electronics control into our systems.

Ramiro Sagastizabal
Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech

Our group strives to be at the forefront of spin qubit research, and Qblox allows us to spend our time on discussing physics rather than fixing problems on experimental setups. They provide control electronics with excellent analog performance that we can rely on to manipulate our qubits with high precision. Furthermore, programming and executing complex waveforms can be accomplished with minimal experimental overheads. Finally, Qblox’ solution is compact, their pricing is very competitive and their engineers offer outstanding service and advice.

Lieven Vandersypen

When we started QuantrolOx in 2022, we needed a trustworthy hardware partner to enable our vision. To have our back. Qblox has been by our side by providing us with qubit-agnostic control electronics. Our vision of automating fast characterization and tuning of qubits meant we needed hardware with ultra-low latency and state-of-the-art features. The SYNQ & LINQ communication protocols of the Qblox Cluster enabled our vision for fast parallel characterization. We are proud of our working relationship with Qblox and highly recommend the team for their professionalism and innovative approach to tackling the challenges faced by experimental scientists in quantum computing.

Vishal Chatrath
CEO of Quantrolox