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Qblox, the first Dutch company to join the QED-C

It is our pleasure to announce that Qblox is the first Dutch company to join the Quantum Economic Development Consortium. We have QED-C MD Celia Merzbacher and Qblox CEO Niels Bultink close the deal with a strong handshake to join the QED-C in the US. The QED-C is an industry-driven consortium with the mission to enable and grow a robust quantum-based industry and related supply chain. QED-C is supported by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and its more than 200 members, including more than 150 corporations from across the quantum supply chain including component suppliers/manufacturers, software and hardware system developers, service providers and end-users. Together, consortium members are identifying use cases of quantum information science and technology and addressing gaps in enabling technologies, standards and benchmarks, and the quantum workforce.


31 March 2022

A successful APS March Meeting in Chicago!

Our team (re)connected with physicists to highlight how our fully-integrated control stack is helping quantum labs push their experiments to the next level. On Day 1, Qblox CEO Niels Bultink and Application Scientist Yemliha Bilal Kalyoncu presented two back-to-back scientific talks in the session on Quantum Control. Their talk gave insights into the latest use-cases of our control stack through step-by-step example experiments. On Day 2, Qblox Lead Application Engineer, Damaz de Jong hosted a live technical workshop on the Qblox Cluster with its control and readout modules up to 18.5 GHz. On Day 3, Qblox Application Engineer, Damien Crielaard will present in the session on Quantum Software and Compilers. He will introduce the Quantify-Scheduler. An open source software experimental python framework developed and professionally maintained by Orange Quantum Systems and Qblox in Delft.


25 March 2022

Qblox invited to the Quantum Flagship at the Mobile World Congress 2022

Qblox was invited to represent the best of the Quantum Flagship at 4YFN - 4 Years from Now (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona. Being a true innovator, Quantum Computing was highlighted by ICFO, IFAE, Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech, IQM Quantum Computers, LuxQuanta, Quside, Oxford Quantum Circuits, Quantum Valley Lower Saxony and Multiverse Computing. And of course, Qblox. Alongside the Mobile World Congress, Qblox was able to join the Dutch delegation organised by the Netherlands Business Support Office Barcelona (NBSO), TNW, InnovationQuarter, Netherlands Point of Entry and Techleapnl. These exceptional events helped us network and learn from key stakeholders in awesome venues around Barcelona.


07 March 2022

Qblox CEO invited to speak at the European Commission quantum panel

Our CEO Niels Bultink represents Dutch quantum startups at the European Commission event on strengthening Europe's leadership through its quantum ambitions. Niels shared a panel with Jan Goetz (IQM Quantum Computers), Niels Hersoug (Sparrow Quantum Aps) and Jean-Philip Piquemal (Qubit Pharmaceuticals). A brief description of the event: Quantum technology figures prominently in these goals, with the intention that “by 2025, Europe will have its first computer with quantum acceleration paving the way for Europe to be at the cutting edge of quantum capabilities by 2030.” At a time when the Council and the European Parliament are discussing the EU's action programme for the digital decade, this conference will present and discuss European and national initiatives in this field to build a European ambition: to meet scientific and technological challenges, to structure innovative ecosystems, to train and retain future talent, and to develop markets and uses.


21 February 2022

South Holland invests in quantum technology

The collaboration of knowledge institutes, companies and governments in the field of quantum in South Holland offers worldwide potential. That is why the province, together with the MRDH and Quantum Delta NL, has awarded €450,000 to ImpaQt in South Holland. This is a consortium of 6 regional companies that are building the first Dutch NISQ quantum computer.


31 January 2022

5 startups that are putting the Netherlands on the map worldwide

As one of the frontrunners worldwide, the Netherlands can benefit from this. A new quantum industry is emerging around universities in Delft, Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Twente. This activity can generate five to seven billion euros in economic value and 30,000 new jobs, estimates Quantum Delta NL, a platform of 70 companies and organizations including startup accelerator Techleap. The ambition is to create a 'Silicon Valley' for quantum by 2027 with 100 quantum startups.


17 October 2021

Qblox invited to the Quantum pavilion at CES Unveiled

As a CES innovation award honoree, the Qblox team were invited to exhibit at CES Unveiled in Amsterdam.


14 October 2021

Delft quantum startup Qblox gets 20-qubit control stack order from Sweden

The Quantum Technology Lab of the Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology decided to pair its 20-qubit quantum computer with a control stack developed by Dutch startup Qblox. “This request for a control stack for 20 qubits is the first of its kind in the world. The Qblox team is proud to service the Quantum Technology Lab at Chalmers University,” says Qblox CEO Niels Bultink.


13 October 2021

Swedish quantum leaders choose Qblox

Qblox Cluster control stack is the go-to choice for the new 20-qubit quantum computer to put Sweden at the forefront of quantum technology. The Qblox fully-integrated control stack comprises dedicated and modular electronics developed in Delft, The Netherlands.


10 October 2021

Qblox is the top choice for Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden

It’s been an exciting month for Delft-based Qblox, as they announce their selection by Chalmers University of Technology to install their fully-integrated Cluster control stack at the Quantum Technology Lab (QTL) in Gothenburg. Qblox will help the Swedish quantum leaders with their aspirations of exploiting a 20-qubit quantum computer.


06 October 2021

Quantum Product Placements in Europe; Qblox and Atos

A pair of product placement announcements have been recently announced. First Qblox announced that Chalmers University in Sweden has ordered their scalable and readout hardware for use with a new 20 qubit superconducting processor that Chalmers is developing. Qblox indicated that their solution was selected due to the product’s ability to surpass the requested technical requirements and its and scale up in the future.


03 October 2021

Qblox at the Quantum Summit in London

Qblox CEO Niels Bultink joined the Dutch delegation, spearheaded by Quantum Delta NL, to the Quantum Summit in London.


23 September 2021

Niels Bultink joins the IQT Quantum Tech Podcast

Host Chris Bishop, today interviews Niels Bultink, Qblox Co-Founder & CEO. Niels specializes in controlling quantum computers performing the first feedback on solid-state qubits in 2012. His PhD research with Leonardo DiCarlo at TU Delft has led to more than ten scientific publications centred around fault-tolerant quantum computing with superconducting circuits. The work at QuTech enabled the control of setups with up to 50 qubits and has now found its way to the market via the company Qblox. With Qblox new and industrialized generation of control stacks, he is paving the way for quantum computer integrators worldwide to reach practical applications in quantum computing.


17 August 2021

Delft global supplier of quantum hardware through unique collaboration

Many private parties are working, largely individually, on quantum computing. Delft is doing something unique. Here six private parties are working together to get a quantum computer with high-quality equipment up and running: the so-called ImpaQT project. If successful, this will give the region a unique position worldwide as a supplier of quantum equipment. Individual parties, such as large corporates, focus primarily on the greatest possible computing power (qubits). However, they do so with components that are not actually developed for quantum tech, such as relatively large coaxial cables. This will get you a long way, but real upscaling is impossible.


15 July 2021

Qblox chosen as a Top 10 startup of The Netherlands

ICT professional title Computable has handed out ten nominations within the Computable Awards 2021 in the Tech startup category. These are Bizcuit, Delft Circuits, Fectar, Hable One,, Incooling, Neurocast, Neurolytics, Qblox and RoomRaccoon.


28 June 2021

Qblox at IQT New York 2021

The Inside Quantum Technology New York e-conference was held with partners IBM, Accenture, Toshiba, IQM and Qblox. During IQTNY, Niels Bultink (CEO, Qblox) was invited to participate in the panel on Quantum Control Systems with Itamar Sivan (CEO, Quantum Machines) and Nizar Messaoudi (Solutions Architect, Keysight Technologies). The panel was hosted by Charles W. Robinson of the IBM Quantum Team.


18 May 2021

QCR: Qblox Launches its RF Line of Fully-integrated Quantum Control Stacks

At the APS March Meeting, Qblox will be launching and demonstrating its new generation of quantum control stack providing all input and output signals from ultrastable DC to 18.5 GHz.


14 March 2021

Physics World: Integrated system offers easy and scalable quantum control

Dutch start-up Qblox has created a single modular unit providing all the input and output signals from ultrastable DC to 18.5 GHz needed to replace the myriad of discrete instruments that are typically used to control a quantum computer


11 March 2021

Delft-based quantum discovery Qblox steals the show at CES

This year, Qblox, with its quantum technology solution is the showpiece among the 93 Dutch startups that will present themselves this year during the virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The company from Delft won the CES award in the category “embedded systems”. State Secretary Mona Keijzer (economic affairs and environment) called Qblox a textbook example of a startup during the opening of the Holland Pavilion at CES.


24 February 2021

Opening Kick-off CES 2021 by CES NL Mission

Qblox is one of 6 quantum startups in the Netherlands and, most notably, one of the CES2021 Innovation Award Honorees. Qblox technology is leading the way into a future wherein the Netherlands can play an international pioneering role to address aspects in quantum at an early stage. There is an opportunity to engage in society and create ground rules for safe and sustainable use of quantum technology.


12 January 2021

TechRepublic: You can find a $180K solar-powered car, qubit controls, and breathing tips at the NL Tech Pavilion at CES 2021

This year, Dutch organizers wanted to highlight how companies must work together to create economic, environmental, and social change by using partnerships between government, private and public companies, and research and knowledge institutions. The quantum computing contingent at CES is one example of that collaboration.


12 January 2021

Computable: Qblox, the Dutch highlight at CES 2021

This year, Qblox is the showpiece among the 93 Dutch startups that will present themselves this year during the virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The company from Delft won the CES award in the category 'embedded systems'. State Secretary Mona Keijzer (EZK) called Qblox a textbook example of a startup during the opening of the Holland Pavilion at CES.


11 January 2021

CES 2021: Qblox wins Innovation Award

The Dutch startup Qblox wins CES 2021 Innovation Award honoree for its qubit control hardware – the Cluster series and announces it secures $6Mn in seed funding from the European Innovation Council – Horizon 2020.


08 January 2021

Interesting Engineering: Quantum Revolution challenges the world will face

The challenges and hurdles mentioned above are just some of those that are holding quantum computing technologies back. Google currently leads the world in quantum processing power, with IBM expected to release a 127 qubit computer as early as next year. Younger companies like Qblox are pushing the industry forward offering innovative solutions to these challenges. It will be interesting to see where quantum computing will be within the next decade and how it will be used.


05 January 2021

Electrical Engineering Web: Qblox Makes Quantum Computers Extremely Scalable

The new Qblox Cluster is a scalable and modular 19-inch rack system with the capacity to control up to 20 qubits from a single device. And by cascading multiple Cluster systems together, it leads to integrated quantum control capabilities for unprecedented numbers of qubits. Qblox Cluster thereby opens the doors to realizing macro impact with QCs globally within this decade.


04 January 2021

Tom's Hardware review on Qblox

In the race towards stable and commercially viable quantum systems, there are several doubts about scalability and correction of computational errors. And this is where Qblox comes into play, with the launch of the new generation of qubit control hardware, the Cluster series.


30 December 2020

Qblox awarded EUR 4.8Mn in funding from the European Commission via Horizon2020

In August 2020, Qblox decided to apply for funding from European Commission Accelerator program. A total of 4,223 startups requested over €15Bn from the EIC accelerator. We were amongst the 1% successful deep-tech startups (just 38 companies) which succeeded.


21 December 2020

Quantum-Tech Fireside chat with Qblox founders Niels and Jules

An in-depth Q&A into the conceptualisation of Qblox, growing the company in 2020 and how the future looks for Qblox in the quantum computers control stack ecosystem.


15 December 2020

Qblox receives UNIIQ investment to make Quantum computing scalable

Quantum computers are seen worldwide as the next step due to their superior computing power. Before these supercomputers can live up to their promise, however, a number of crucial developments are still required. One of these is the development of a qualitative and scalable control system to control hundreds and even thousands of qubits at the same time. The Delft company Qblox develops extremely scalable, modular systems, precisely for this purpose. Qblox is receiving an investment from proof-of-concept fund UNIIQ for the further development and marketing of their highly innovative control system. The investment was announced by Mayor Marja van Bijsterveldt during a working visit to Qblox.


09 July 2020

QuTech spin-off Qblox receives UNIIQ-investment to enhance quantum computing scalability

Across the globe, quantum computing is looked upon as the next step in computing. Before quantum computers can live up to this promise, several crucial steps in their development must be made. One of those steps involves the development of an accurate and scalable control system, allowing to control hundreds or even thousands of qubits at a time. The Delft-based company Qblox has made it their mission to develop extremely scalable and modular control systems for exactly this purpose. To further develop their technology and to reach a broader market, Qblox has received an investment of proof-of-concept fund UNIIQ. The investment was announced by the Mayor of the City of Delft, Marja van Bijsterveldt, during a working visit to Qblox.


08 July 2020

Qblox racks up investment for its quantum computer controller

Qblox has received an investment from the Uniiq fund to further develop its scalable and modular control systems for quantum computers. The spin-off from Qutech recently completed a 50-qubit prototype, and the newly acquired capital will be used to further develop, test and refine the technology from Delft, as well as to launch the modules on a broader market.


07 July 2020

Qblox creates a new system to control qubits

Qblox, a spinoff of the Delft-based quantum technology institute QuTech has set out to create a new system to control the qubits in a quantum computer. The startup is paving the way for building quantum computers with up to a 1,000 qubits and beyond.


07 July 2020

Innovation Quarter invests in Qblox for further

developing, testing and refining their Quantum control stack

The Mayor of the City of Delft, Marja van Bijsterveldt, announced the great news on her visit to Qblox. The UNIIQ investment “allows for a wider product launch, contributing to an acceleration in the scaling up of quantum computing”, according to co-founder and CEO of Qblox, Niels Bultink.


07 July 2020

Qblox readies its modular controller for a variety of quantum computers

Though recently developed prototypes still consist of 50 qubits maximum, Delft startup Qblox is paving the way for building quantum computers with up to a 1,000 qubits and beyond.


03 July 2020

Dutch company Qblox is accelerating quantum computer development

Physicist Jules van Oven and experimental quantum physicist Niels Bultink are the founders of the start-up Qblox, a high-tech company that makes the "control stack" for quantum computers. They play a central role in what could become the "European revenge on Silicon Valley" when it comes to technological development.


15 June 2020

QuTech Spinoff Qblox Readies Its Modular Controller For A Variety Of Quantum Computers

Delft startup Qblox is paving the way for building quantum computers with up to a 1,000 qubits and beyond though recently developed prototypes still consist of 50 qubits maximum. The spinoff of the Delft-based quantum technology institute QuTech has set out to create a new system to control the qubits in a quantum computer. Though recently built prototype quantum computers can only handle about 50 qubits, the startup – anticipating future developments – is aiming to do up to a thousand.


01 May 2020

Qblox team visits APS March Meeting 2020 in the USA

Thousands of delegates to the March Meeting of the American Physical Society (APS) in Denver have had to cancel flights to Colorado or rearrange their journeys home after the decision to cancel the world’s biggest physics meeting.


02 March 2020

Towards quantum advantage. Control qubits with a thousand at a time

Quantum technology has a great appeal to science and industry. It is also a fertile ground for new activities and new specialisms. The recently founded Qblox from Delft focuses on the control of quantum computers.


03 May 2019